Ongoing Website Support

After the website is launched, Honeycomb Creative excels at the ongoing support and maintenance that clients require. From website content updates to technical and security maintenance, our clients know that they can depend on Honeycomb Creative for service and support. For many clients, we work on their online and offline marketing initiatives by providing graphic design and marketing services.

Website Hosting

Honeycomb Creative’s business class web hosting service comes with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for your website, so you never have to worry about going over your limit. Our business class hosting server has been optimized to load WordPress sites faster. With every WordPress implementation, along with extra security plugins, we install ‘cache’ plugins to make your website faster. To ensure maximum security, we only host websites that are built by Honeycomb Creative.

Content Management

To get the full potential and value from your website, it’s important to update it on a regular basis. If you don’t update your website on a regular basis, the search engines (Google) will think that your website is “dead” and they will stop indexing your website. Stay on Google’s good side – update your content regularly. Most clients have the best intentions of updating their own website, but if you are too busy, Honeycomb Creative can usually complete your changes the same day.

WordPress Technical and Security Maintenance

WordPress plug-ins are used to speed up the development of your website and are used to add functionality. Without plug-ins, programming would take longer and be more expensive.

Every website includes ‘standard development’ plug-ins that Honeycomb licenses for use in websites that it develops, and ‘free’ plug-ins that other developers provide. WordPress is constantly updating its core code and this requires plug-ins to also update their code. The update process requires a full website backup, then each plug-in must be updated individually to ensure that it does not conflict with other updates.

All ‘standard development’ plug-ins renewal fees are paid by Honeycomb and are provided for your use as long as Honeycomb is maintaining your Technical & Security Updates.

All plug-in updates are done on an ‘as required’ basis – which means that they are updated regularly, but not necessarily on the same day as updates are issued, unless there is a major security concern.